A Little Grungy Today


Today I just kind of messed around in Downtown, trying some different things.


These glasses I got from zeroUV are my new favorite.


Did I mention I am absolutely in love with these YRU shoes? It’s an addiction I swear.



A First Look


Los Angeles has always been a city powerful in influence and culture. The projects and ideas that originate in Los Angeles go on to change the world. Supposedly. Art and murals decorate downtown,  giant sculptures remind you that art was made by Los Angelinos.


On the surface, the towering skyscrapers in Downtown LA portray a prestigious image of wealth and power.  But sitting just below those skyscrapers are homeless people, sitting among tossed McDonald’s coffee cups and plastic bags.


In school we are taught to dream big and change the world. Become an executive, a successful world leader , a community member. Within my peer groups “I want to become a doctor and save lives, a lawyer to help the discriminated again”  are common sentiments.

It’s easy to forget that need is right around the corner. Everyday we have chances to be gracious and thoughtful, to extend gratitude and generosity to those who seem undeserving by their words, actions or appearance.


At first look, it seems like this city is perfect. But when we dive a little deeper we discover the work that’s left to be done.

Drake leggings from Society6

Holographic glasses from Popkiller LA


Fickle Wish Debut Event Feat Artist Slime Girls!

Featured above: Pedro Silva ( @slimegirlsmusic ) and @onamorgana

The Harajuku inspired fashion boutique Fickle Wish debuted July 1st just in time for Anime Expo 2016. Open 12-8pm M-F 12-9 and Sat. 11-7 Sun, Fickle Wish features  accessories such as necklaces, earrings, stuffed animals, pastel skirts, shirts, blouses and more.

Pedro Silva, who produces Chiptune ( also known as 8-bit) music under the name Slime Girls, kicked off the first Fickle Wish in store event. Equipped with a Launchpad, a heavily-stickered Macbook and a vibrant, game narrative background video from Chrono Cross playing in the background.


The Fickle Wish employees look like they are having a blast!

Fashion At Fickle Wish

The majority of the store is littered with pastel accessories and outfit perfect for any “kawaii ” lover. Fickle Wish calls itself a ‘ Kawaii Shop’ and caters to the demographic that loves Japanese culture, anime and bright pastels and prints. It’s a subculture that developed in the past couple of years influenced partly by Tumblr and Harajuku fashion. Pastel pink, yellow, green, purple shirts and skirts litter the store, matched by vibrant prints on sailor outfits and sweaters.


Jellyfish in pink and blues


Stars, shells, crosses and more covered in glitter, jewels and pearls are among the many glitzy accessories you can purchase at Fickle Wish.

Expect to spend anywhere between $15- $60 for these accessories.

Colors, Print and Plushies!


Japanese inspired clothing is more trendy than ever. Japanese- American fushion fashion shops already exist in Little Tokyo, ( such as Popkiller, Asahi-ya) but Fickle Wish is the newest Little Tokyo shop  catering specifically to the anime/kawaii/lolita category.


Enter a caption

In fact, it seems that these days, Japanese-inspired/ related apparel is super hip. I’ve even seen shirts and sweaters in Forever 21 and H&M sporting phrases like “大人になりたくない”  ( I don’t want to become an adult)


Shoes of all kind were at the event yesterday. Angelic Pretty, YRU, DollsKill you name it. Platform sneakers, laces, flats, etc

AC/DC Rag Sweaters in every color and style imaginable
@kawaii_haruhi_ watching the show from afar

Overall, the night was filled with fun, fashion and lots of colors. Fickle Wish made it clear that this event will definitely not be the last of it’s kind. It seems like it’s only the beginning of an emerging “kawaii -la ” culture group.

You can find the artist Pedro Silva and the Fickle Wish store on social media.


Slime Girls – Vacation Wasteland (Full Album) Chiptune

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvfeL9vbfd4

Instagram: @slimegirlsmusic



Fickle Wish 

Instagram: @ficklewish



It’s Finally Summer

It’s finally the start of the summer, everyone knows that you kick off the summer heat with a beach trip. Manhattan Beach isn’t too crowded and the waves were spectacular.


I wanted to shoot two different looks at the beach with similar vibes. The hat and the picnic basket looked perfect together! DSC_0091-001.JPG


This look was very Ariel and kind of glam-mermaid inspired. I bought the skirt online on Ebay for about $7. The golden bra was actually something I managed to swipe up in Chinatown a couple years ago for $1, but never really found any use for it until today. I like the way it feels and I think I’ll try to wear it more.

The Broad

The Broad is certainly a sight to behold. Vibrant colors, white walls and high ceilings that echo the sound and bounce light around the room creates an ethereal art viewing experience.  The Broad provides an unparalleled installations of over-sized, undersized and life sized contemporary art. DSC_0008DSC_0048

I fit right in!


Go Go USA!
This whole blanket/wall is constructed of gum wrappers.


A perfect portraiture


One of my best friends and I took the trip down to the museum without reserving tickets in advance. Although the museum is free, I definitely recommend trying to reserve tickets online at the Broad website if possible. We arrived at 11:00 am ( paid $13 to park in a lot about 7 block down on Grand ) and waited in line for almost two and a half hours to get it.

Despite the wait, this museum was well worth it.

Macaroon Mornings

The macaroons from Bottega Louie were not bad at all. Like I said in my earlier post, A+ for presentation. The flavor and taste was average, as expected of a macaroon dessert.

This birthday cake one was so cute!


From farthest left to right: raspberry, rose birthday cake, lavender and earl grey


Rose is typically my favorite flavor, but I think I would prefer the rose macaroon from Lette just a little bit more.

I especially love the deep rich color of the Earl Grey Macaroon

The Earl Grey macaroon definitely had the best color and allure in terms of how well the colors complimented each other.

Overall, I was satisfied with color and taste, and I would probably go back for more.

What It Means To Be Asian American

Growing up in a whitewashed home, I never really gave much thought to my Asian American identity. Growing up we ate toast and cereal for breakfast, not rice with tea. Both of my parents spoke English, and as a family I didn’t really celebrate the typical Chinese or Korean holidays.

It’s always seemed strange to me the way other have judge what is okay for me to do and say based off of my race.


It wasn’t until I got older that I started realizing how much culture played a part in my worldview, life decisions and even my interest in romantic partners.


Especially now that terms like “cultural appropriation ” and “cultural sensitive attire” have become popular. I’ve had to reevaluate.

Why is it okay for me, an Asian American woman, to wear Japanese festival attire as a fashion statement, but it’s not okay for white celebrities? Even if my intention for wearing a cultural garment in non-cultural, it’s automatically accepted as alright because of my race.

Fashion is supposed to be about expression and celebration of beauty and creativity. I would hope that we could celebrate and share cultural aspects of each community. Maybe I am naive and foolish for thinking this, but if a person of any race or color wants to wear an Asian – styled article of clothing, who am I to say that they should or should not?



Unfortunately, no matter what anyone says, appearance matters. I don’t speak a lick of Chinese, but countless Chinese ladies have barked at me  on the bus expecting me to speak back in Mandarin and visible show their  disappointment when I cannot. This isn’t an experience singular to me either:  my Hispanic, French and Korean friends all tell me that they are looked down upon for not speaking the language that they ‘look like’.


Because the truth is, no matter how much an Asian person or any person of color may feel American and ‘whitewashed’. The reality is skin and cultural background do define. It defines how people envision you, how desirable you are to certain employers, potential partners and even schools. It’s the reason that the demographics bubble even exists when applying for colleges, surveys, etc.

We are not all born equal. Each person is born with different talents, different skills and into different types of families and cultures. But being different doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight for equality and justice. It doesn’t mean discrimination and racism are nonexistent, it just means that we need to fight against discrimination and teach in a way that is not condemning or negative.



Me when I haven’t had lunch yet


I am proud of being an Asian American woman. I don’t feel disadvantaged or discriminated against because of those titles, I feel honored and blessed. I have a chance to represent woman, represent Asian Americans and represent myself in a positive light. I have a chance to be the best I can be for myself and for others.

As the Asian American community moves forward in supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement and Muslim Americans, I am reminded of the history that minorities have faced in America.

I think of my own family, and I am thankful to my mother, father, and my grandparents and relatives long before me who struggled and worked so that I didn’t have to live such a hard life.

And I am grateful to live in the United States, a country that ( however flawed ) is still fighting for what matters: people.