Fickle Wish Debut Event Feat Artist Slime Girls!

Featured above: Pedro Silva ( @slimegirlsmusic ) and @onamorgana

The Harajuku inspired fashion boutique Fickle Wish debuted July 1st just in time for Anime Expo 2016. Open 12-8pm M-F 12-9 and Sat. 11-7 Sun, Fickle Wish features  accessories such as necklaces, earrings, stuffed animals, pastel skirts, shirts, blouses and more.

Pedro Silva, who produces Chiptune ( also known as 8-bit) music under the name Slime Girls, kicked off the first Fickle Wish in store event. Equipped with a Launchpad, a heavily-stickered Macbook and a vibrant, game narrative background video from Chrono Cross playing in the background.


The Fickle Wish employees look like they are having a blast!

Fashion At Fickle Wish

The majority of the store is littered with pastel accessories and outfit perfect for any “kawaii ” lover. Fickle Wish calls itself a ‘ Kawaii Shop’ and caters to the demographic that loves Japanese culture, anime and bright pastels and prints. It’s a subculture that developed in the past couple of years influenced partly by Tumblr and Harajuku fashion. Pastel pink, yellow, green, purple shirts and skirts litter the store, matched by vibrant prints on sailor outfits and sweaters.


Jellyfish in pink and blues


Stars, shells, crosses and more covered in glitter, jewels and pearls are among the many glitzy accessories you can purchase at Fickle Wish.

Expect to spend anywhere between $15- $60 for these accessories.

Colors, Print and Plushies!


Japanese inspired clothing is more trendy than ever. Japanese- American fushion fashion shops already exist in Little Tokyo, ( such as Popkiller, Asahi-ya) but Fickle Wish is the newest Little Tokyo shop  catering specifically to the anime/kawaii/lolita category.


Enter a caption

In fact, it seems that these days, Japanese-inspired/ related apparel is super hip. I’ve even seen shirts and sweaters in Forever 21 and H&M sporting phrases like “大人になりたくない”  ( I don’t want to become an adult)


Shoes of all kind were at the event yesterday. Angelic Pretty, YRU, DollsKill you name it. Platform sneakers, laces, flats, etc

AC/DC Rag Sweaters in every color and style imaginable
@kawaii_haruhi_ watching the show from afar

Overall, the night was filled with fun, fashion and lots of colors. Fickle Wish made it clear that this event will definitely not be the last of it’s kind. It seems like it’s only the beginning of an emerging “kawaii -la ” culture group.

You can find the artist Pedro Silva and the Fickle Wish store on social media.


Slime Girls – Vacation Wasteland (Full Album) Chiptune


Instagram: @slimegirlsmusic


Fickle Wish 

Instagram: @ficklewish




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