A Little Grungy Today


Today I just kind of messed around in Downtown, trying some different things.


These glasses I got from zeroUV are my new favorite.


Did I mention I am absolutely in love with these YRU shoes? It’s an addiction I swear.



A First Look


Los Angeles has always been a city powerful in influence and culture. The projects and ideas that originate in Los Angeles go on to change the world. Supposedly. Art and murals decorate downtown,  giant sculptures remind you that art was made by Los Angelinos.


On the surface, the towering skyscrapers in Downtown LA portray a prestigious image of wealth and power.  But sitting just below those skyscrapers are homeless people, sitting among tossed McDonald’s coffee cups and plastic bags.


In school we are taught to dream big and change the world. Become an executive, a successful world leader , a community member. Within my peer groups “I want to become a doctor and save lives, a lawyer to help the discriminated again”  are common sentiments.

It’s easy to forget that need is right around the corner. Everyday we have chances to be gracious and thoughtful, to extend gratitude and generosity to those who seem undeserving by their words, actions or appearance.


At first look, it seems like this city is perfect. But when we dive a little deeper we discover the work that’s left to be done.

Drake leggings from Society6

Holographic glasses from Popkiller LA


It’s Finally Summer

It’s finally the start of the summer, everyone knows that you kick off the summer heat with a beach trip. Manhattan Beach isn’t too crowded and the waves were spectacular.


I wanted to shoot two different looks at the beach with similar vibes. The hat and the picnic basket looked perfect together! DSC_0091-001.JPG


This look was very Ariel and kind of glam-mermaid inspired. I bought the skirt online on Ebay for about $7. The golden bra was actually something I managed to swipe up in Chinatown a couple years ago for $1, but never really found any use for it until today. I like the way it feels and I think I’ll try to wear it more.

Be Happy


Something that I think about often is the idea of happiness in the context of each other. Also happiness in the smallest of everyday motions. Washing dishes with a loved one. Riding a bike through town. Watching the sky go from yellow to a dusty navy grey.


For me, summer is the happiest time. Every summer contains some of the best moments of my life. Now that it’s summer, people have more time to go out and do the things that make them happy. Like spending time with each other, going to that concert, treating yourself to that $5 drink with kiwi slices in it.


Amidst everything terrible in the world going on,

There’s so much in life to be happy about.

What makes you happy ? I’d love to hear from you